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  • What are your rates?
    For the latest details on programming and training hourly rates and terms, please see the current Rates Sheet. We can provide an exact quote for specific programming projects as well.
  • What do you need in order to send me a quote?
    Please email drawings of the parts you need programmed, and a description of what dimensions will need to be included. Most customers need us to sign an NDA first, which is no problem.
  • Can you sign an NDA?
    Yes, please email your NDA form to, and we will sign and send it back to you promptly.
  • What is your service area?
    Based in the St. Cloud, Minnesota area, we serve businesses all across the USA and globally. We do travel for on-site training and programming in Minnesota.
  • Do you offer remote support?
    Yes! If you need quick help, or would like to have some long-distance training sessions, we can do that. All you need is an internet connection on your computer where Calypso is installed. We will email you a link to start the screen sharing session.
  • Are you certified?
    Steven DeVowe is certified by the American Society for Quality as a Certified Quality Inspector and Certified Quality Technician. For a larger view of the certificates below, right click, and select Open Image in New Tab.
  • What version of Calypso do you use?
    When creating Calypso programs for you, we always use the version that you have, to ensure compatibility. Whether you have the latest version, or one that is five years old, it does not matter.
  • Can you make CMM programs for out-of-state customers?
    Yes! With the Calypso Planner software, we can create fully-functional programs and simulate them on a virtual CMM identical to yours. All we need from you is a CAD model of your part and a drawing. We will draw a recommended setup and provide a list of the styli (probes) needed. Once the program is completed offline and debugged as much as possible, we will send it to you in a zip file via email or FTP. Along with the program, you will have setup and installation instructions, and we can work with you over the phone or web conference to assist in the setup. When you run the program on the first part, sometimes there is unexpected part variation. In that case, we can adjust the program for you to get the most repeatable results.
  • Can you design custom fixturing for our CMM?
    Yes! With SolidWorks software, we can provide 3D models in any format for you to manufacture. We can also provide assembly models of recommended fixturing with Rayco or R&R Fixture components.
  • How many students can attend CMM training?
    You can have as many people as you would like, but it is most effective to have three or less. That allows for more hands-on time on the CMM.
  • I'm a CMM student. What should I expect for the class?
    Expect to be challenged, and to have fun! There is a lot to learn, but we will take time to make sure you understand and have plenty of hands-on application. Bring a notebook and a pen, if you would like to take notes. If the training is at your facility, we will use your own example parts and prints for the training. After the training is complete, we will be glad to answer any questions that come up during your practice on the job.
  • What materials are included with the training?
    You will receive a class outline that summarizes the topics we will work through. If you are doing training online, you can get video recordings of all the sessions for future reference. Once the training is complete, you will receive a printed certificate of completion.
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