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Calypso Tip #1: How to Section a CAD model

When you can’t see features that are hidden inside a cavity, groove, or underneath surfaces, follow these steps to get in there!

1. Go to CAD – View – Clipping Plane.

Zeiss Calypso section view

2. Change the Coordinate plane to the cutting direction you need.

3. If necessary, flip the section to the opposite side.

4. Adjust the Distance number to where the section should be.

5. Minimize the Clipping Plane or Intersection plane window until you are done with the sectioned view.

More settings for special situations
  • Change the Normal Vector numbers when you need to section the model at an angle.

  • Click the Two Planes checkbox to create a thin-slice section. The Distance btw. planes number controls the thickness of the slice view.

  • Show the probe ball by going to CAD – Settings – Strategy – Display strategy when selecting a feature. De-select and re-select a feature with probing points to refresh the view, and the red ball will appear.

If the probe ball seems to be the wrong size, check the stylus assignment for that feature.

Change scan strategies to Single points temporarily to help visualize probe clearance.

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