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Calypso Tip #15 - Fun with Calypso Sounds

Do you feel like your work routine is in a long rut?

You can have a little bit of fun changing up the sounds!

Here are the folder locations where you can find the default sound files:

The sound when you start Calypso:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Zeiss\CALYPSO 7.2\bin\herald.wav

The sound when you manually probe a point:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Zeiss\CALYPSO 7.2\sounds\probe.wav

The sound for crash detection during offline simulation:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Zeiss\CALYPSO 7.2\sounds\crash.wav

(The “CALYPSO 7.2” folder may have a different name, depending on the version you have installed. You will need Admin permission to change these files.)

If you have your own .wav sound files, you can use them.

Otherwise, click here to download some free sound files you can use.

1. Rename the default .wav file to keep it as a backup.

2. Copy your newer, more interesting .wav sound file to the same folder.

3. Rename the new file to be the same name as the original .wav file.

Note: If you want a sound effect to be silent, just rename the default file, and it won’t play.


Do these pranks at your own risk. If you get into trouble or make someone mad, it’s your own fault.

Don’t over-do it - take it easy!

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