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Calypso Tip #16 - How to Add Setup Instructions

Zeiss Calypso Fixture Setup Photo

1. Create your setup instruction document.

It can be any executable file format, including Excel, Word, PDF, JPEG or even a video!

2. Save that file in a folder dedicated to setup information.

Your CMM program will be linked to that file location. It is good practice to save setup files (and program files) on a backed-up network computer, in case the local CMM computer has problems or is replaced.

3. Link the setup instructions to the CMM program.

Go to the menu Plan – Measurement run info for CNC start… - Select. The file will open after you select it.

4. Test it out!

Open the Run window and click the User Information button. Your setup instructions file should open. Operators that use the AutoRun interface can view the setup instructions from the User Information button in the AutoRun window also.

Power Tip: Auto-open the Setup Instructions When the CMM Program is Opened

  1. Copy the file path of the setup instructions file.

  2. Open the Notepad program.

  3. Use the example text below to create a batch file that will open the setup instructions (keep the quotation marks as shown). Replace the setup instruction file path and extension with yours: start "" "C:\Setup Instructions.xlsx"

  4. Click File – Save As.

  5. Change the Save As Type to “All Files”.

  6. Locate the CMM program folder. In Calypso, go to View – Measurement Plan Directory to locate where your program folder is.

  7. Copy the CMM program folder path and paste it into the Save As window.

  8. Save the Notepad file as “inspection_post_load.bat” in the CMM program folder.

  9. Now every time you open the CMM program, the setup instructions will open automatically!

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