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Calypso Tip #17 - Find and Replace

You already know it helps to label features and characteristics, so your program is understandable. But all that tedious typing takes time!

Fortunately, if you have a consistent naming pattern, you can use Find and Replace (Ctrl + H) to do it faster.

In the example shown below, there are six holes with the same diameter. We can quickly rename those circles by pressing Ctrl + H and typing in the text shown in the dialog box.

Zeiss Calypso Find and Replace

When you click Replace All, every circle will be renamed at once.

Zeiss Calypso Find and Replace

Beware - because if there are other features that have the same “Find what” text, those will be renamed too.

In that case, just press the Replace button to replace the text one feature at a time.

If you don’t care to use keyboard shortcuts, you can find this tool under Edit – Replace.

Zeiss Calypso Edit - Replace

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