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Calypso Tip #2: Save "Measured Points"

“Measured Points” are backup files of all the actual probing points and scan data from previous part runs. When you save Measured Points, you don’t have to physically re-run parts to look at actual data, re-evaluate a feature, or add a new characteristic from existing features. This saves a lot of time!

1. Go to Resources – Results to file…

2. Turn on the Measuring points option.

3. Enter the maximum number of part runs to save, in the box next to Limit. (After running that number of parts, the oldest Measured Points file will be deleted.)

4. Run the program, and the Measured Points will be saved. Or if you already ran the part measurement, go to File - Save Measured Points.

5. Later, when you need to go back in to look at old part runs, go to File – Load Measured Points…

6. If you make some updates to your program, and you want to re-generate the report for a previous part run, go to Plan – Subsequent Evaluation. From this window, you can define the parameters for creating an updated report output. It is like running the program over again, without physically measuring the part.

7. To re-create reports for multiple parts, go to Plan – Subsequent evaluation of several measurements. Select multiple files in the dialog. The rest of the process is the same as above for a single part.

8. If you need to delete the backup Measured Points files, open this folder in your file explorer: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Zeiss\CALYPSO 7.2\workarea\inspections\PROGRAM_NAME\idmeaspoints

Note: The file path may be different, depending on where your CMM programs are saved.

9. Delete any of the “.zmp” files in the idmeaspoints folder. (That folder will only be there if Measuring Points have been saved.)

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