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Calypso Tip #3: CMM Program Template

Use a program template in Calypso to save time with common settings.

Simply create a new, blank program, adjust the settings that you always use, and save the program as “_PROGRAM TEMPLATE”. (The underscore keeps the file at the top of your list.)

Some typical settings you can save in your template are:

  • Units – Inches/MM

  • Turn off View – Large icons

  • Characteristics warning limit: 80% (Resources – Characteristics Settings Editor)

  • Default measurement strategy (Resources – Save/Load Defaults)

  • Report format (Custom Printout or PiWeb)

  • Report output (printer or save PDF)

  • File output: TXT Table File, Measured Points (Resources – Results to File)

  • Add common characteristics

  • Add common groups, such as “Base Alignment”, “Constructed Features”

  • CNC end park position (Plan – Navigation – CNC End Park Position)

  • CNC start settings (Plan – Preassign CNC Start Values)

  • Extra sub-clearance groups/planes (Plan – Navigation – Sub Clearance)

To open your template every time you start Calypso, go to Extras - Settings - Environment - Start - Open plan named in field below. Click Browse to select the program template.

To protect the template from being changed, first close the program, then find the “inspection” file in the template program folder. Right-click on the “inspection” file, select Properties, and click the Read-only checkbox.

If a user changes the template and tries to save it, they will see the warnings below. That will be their reminder to always use File – Save As...

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