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Calypso Tip #5: Simple Menus

Reduce unused clutter in the Calypso software menus. Less is better.

1. Go to View – Configuration.

2. Select Menu to show the list of menus.

3. Click Import to load the “” file (see download link below). Pick the Calypso version that is the same as yours or earlier.

4. Use the checkboxes to customize what you want to see in the menus. To hide an entire menu, clear the checkbox for that menu title. To hide sub-menu items, click the small arrow (or “+” icon) next to the menu title to expand the list, then clear the sub-menu checkboxes that you want hidden.

5. Click Export to save your menu layout as a backup file. You can also copy it to another computer that has Calypso.

6. Later on if you need to, click Default to reset all the menus back to the default settings.

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