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Calypso Tip #6: Naming Conventions 1

These are some recommended naming conventions for Calypso.

Whatever method you choose, document your own company’s pattern that you will keep consistent for the sake of everyone’s sanity.

Programs (Measurement Plans)

A good folder structure for saving programs is:


(Set the default folder in Extras – Settings – Environment – Paths.)

It is generally good practice to name the program with the part number, followed by the part name (optional), drawing revision, and possibly a date when the program was revised.

Good examples:


9055 Frame Rev C – Side 1

87702-02_Rev B_2021-11-08

Bad examples:

Nozzle Body 60544 Rev A (Does not start with part number)

226491 new (The word “new” is a vague way of tracking revisions)

HOUSING_CMM PRODUCTION (No part number info)

Measurement Plan 34 (Obviously generic)

Again, you will the most efficient if you pick a naming convention and stick with it.


To rename a feature or characteristic, right-click and select Rename (or press F2).

When you get in the habit of renaming features to something descriptive, both you and others looking at your program months from now will be thankful. Leave the geometry name as a prefix and add on to the end. If there are multiple similar features, always put "-1", "-2", etc. at the end, which will make it easier when you create characteristics.

Some example feature names:

Plane Datum A

2d Line Datum B

Circle 1.055 (identify circles/cylinders by their nominal diameter)

Cylinder 3.500

Radius .125 – 1

Radius .125 – 2

Do not name features by balloon numbers or as a dimension description. The features should be identified as the measured geometry, while the characteristics are the reported dimensions.

Take advantage of the Find and Replace function (Ctrl + H) to quickly rename features. For example, if you create 25 circles with a .375 diameter by extracting them from CAD, there will be Circle1, Circle2, etc. Press Ctrl+H and replace "Circle" with "Circle .375 – ". Be sure to click the Replace button to rename them one by one, not Replace all, otherwise all the other circles in your program will be renamed.

Keep in mind that not every single feature has to be renamed, since that can become tedious with a large program.

Feature Groups

If you are measuring a part from different sides, or with different stylus systems, group those features accordingly. Rename the groups by stylus system, then by stylus direction. This is very helpful when you set the stylus assignment and clearance planes from the Measurement Plan Editor, because the group names will show up there.


It is best to have a ballooned drawing with all the dimensions numbered, so you can correlate your measurement report to the drawing.

Some example characteristic names:

25 (balloon number only)

131.1 or 131-1 (for multiple similar dimensions)

#45_Position .002 of Ø.524

#12_Dia .265 – 2

Ref. 4.52 Length

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